Our purpose is to work with the Haitian people to discover areas of need within their community, and together with them, work to facilitate hands-on solutions, through education and needed supplies, to put into place long term answers with a Christ-centered focus. We do not desire to be a rescue organization, but instead to exchange information with the beautiful people of Haiti, learning their culture, language and customs and provide any education they need to allow them to build up their own strong communities.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

We returned from our most recent trip to Haiti last Friday. There is SO much to tell about! This was our first trip all together in 1 1/2 yrs. And Isemelda's first trip back to her home town and family. It was an intense trip! To say the least, but for tonight, I just HAVE to share this little guy with you. 

 This is Klines.


He is 2 years old. 
He is a angel of a little boy with the sweetest spirit and a smile that melts your hear. His Mama takes VERY good care of him! He was clean, freshly dressed, well fed and completely interactive and amazing to meet! 
He has  3 siblings, 14, 11 and 7. I talked with his Mama for quite a while at our clinic last week.

His sweet Mama told us about how he came to have his medical issues and how her husband did not want any more children, so he gave he a pill to abort Klines, when she was 2 months pregnant with him. It did not work. He tried to give her another pill, but she refused to take it.
She continued her pregnancy normally until she was 8 months pregnant. The summer Cholera was rampant in their area, she contracted it and spent 4 days at death's door. Klines was born the next month. 
When he was born, his daddy left. 
He left this Mama with 4 children, the youngest being a severally physical and mental handicapped baby boy.

 Mama explained that she loves her boy. She wants wants what is best for him. She asked me for help. Can our clinic help him? 
She explained that caring for him full time makes it very difficult for her to work to provide for her children. But what is the 'fix' for this situation in a place like the mountains of Haiti. There is no children's home, OTs, speach therapists, day care. There is just a lovely Mama and a sweet angel boy and this terrible dilemma. 

I held this little guy. Played with him. Sang to him. Talked to him. He was completely responsive and full of joy. He babbled back. Followed my voice with his eyes and smiled big, cheesy smiles. He kissed Jessica (Olivia, our 7 yrs old ALWAYS travels with a companion, one of her baby dolls) and loved on her. 

What can we do? We are talking to doctors and friends in the medical field to see if there is help to be had for him surgically and/or medically. 

What help can we provide? Vocational training? Special needs training? What else? 

I have been thinking about this Mama and her boy for over a week now. They haunt my days. I am fairly certain my my worst days are easier BY FAR than her best days! 

Please pray for them. For wisdom, strength, peace, and continued love. 

Please also pray for us and we consider how to best help her and him and their family. A good and gracious help. A real loving help that will lift her up and help her to sustain their lives. Good night sweet Klines. OXOX

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  1. He is so beautiful.

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