Our purpose is to work with the Haitian people to discover areas of need within their community, and together with them, work to facilitate hands-on solutions, through education and needed supplies, to put into place long term answers with a Christ-centered focus. We do not desire to be a rescue organization, but instead to exchange information with the beautiful people of Haiti, learning their culture, language and customs and provide any education they need to allow them to build up their own strong communities.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What support is needed to continue this work?

In the last year, Fearless Warriors has established 2 ministries.

One is an immediate life saving ministry. For the cost of $75 per child, we provide starving children with the nutrition supplement, anti-biotics and anti-parasitics they need to recover from their severe nutritional deficiencies. Additionally, their parents receive child development and nutrition training to give them the information they need to make better nutritional choices for the future.

A child in the program being weighed in for the clinic day.

We were able to start our program with a grant that we were graciously supplied from Meds for Kids, to get our program off the ground. They will supply the initial 2 months of Medika Mamba to get the program going. We supply the anti-biotics, anti-parisitics, water treatment chemicals and the staff to run the clinic.

In February we started the nutritional clinic with 11 kids. This weekend will mark 6 weeks of these children being a part of the program. It appears that all but 2 of them will have reached their goal weight and will graduate from the program. The other 2 will continue until they have fully recovered. In April we will start a new group of children in this program. The number of children depends on the funding support we can raise. Would you consider donating $75 to support one child through this entire program?

The second is a partnership ministry to provide education, tools and supplies for the families to develop an income to support themselves and their communities into the future. A "teach them to fish" ministry. For only $42 per family, you can provide all the supplies a family need to become self-sufficient farmers as they grow crops to provide a source of food for their families as well as have products to sell in the marketplace.

Right now we are working to provide peanuts for 60 families in the community. Peanuts are such a valuable crop! It provides a much needed source of protein for diets that are often high in sugar and carbohydrates, which will keep a belly full and give them instant energy, but do not induce growing and thriving. So, the farmers can use the peanuts to feed their family and also sell them in the marketplace. George Washington Carver would be so proud!

The best aspect of this great program is that they can also sell these peanuts to Meds for Kids, the company that makes the Medika Mamba supplement that is used in the clinic to treat the malnourished children in their own community! This product is produced in Haiti, by Haitians, using Haitian grown peanuts!!

This is an amazing way to partner with this community, not to rescue it. We come along side these families and provide the supplies, tools, education and help they need to become self sufficient.

We can also continue adding farmers to the farming program to grow new crops and provide education to meet future needs. Donating just $45 will support one farmer. You will be providing a career for a family! Can you believe it? For $45!

You may make a donation via the Paypal link on the right
or by check, which can be made out to
Fearless Warriors for Haiti and mailed to:
3349 Carbineer Drive, Belvidere, Il 61008.
Just put which ministry you would like your funds to support in the note section.

We appreciate you donations and are also searching for much needed monthly sponsors to keep some financial stability in the funding of these programs. Please consider if you are able to do even a small monthly sponsorship to make this program a continuing success.

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