Our purpose is to work with the Haitian people to discover areas of need within their community, and together with them, work to facilitate hands-on solutions, through education and needed supplies, to put into place long term answers with a Christ-centered focus. We do not desire to be a rescue organization, but instead to exchange information with the beautiful people of Haiti, learning their culture, language and customs and provide any education they need to allow them to build up their own strong communities.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Arrived in Haiti Safely on Weds--

We are here, safe and thrilled to be together. Took a trip La Victoire to bring supplies and help with the clinic on Saturday. 10 days of rain has made the road a special kind of BAD. Our car did not do well. Turned a 2 day trip into 3 and it has spent the last 2 days at the Car Doctors.
Internet is VERY slow right now. Jeremy posted pics on his FB page. Please check there for AMAZING pics of Seraline. One of the babies in the clinic that was in the worst shape when she came to us. We played with her, she laughed and babbled and took some steps from her Mama to me! She and Malatrice have graduated from the program and are doing REMARKABLY well! Such a blessing to see them!
We are very low on funds to run the clinic through the summer and now need to raise some additional funds to upgrade our vehicle to one that will like the mountains better.
If you have a church or organization that may want to hear more about our program, we are setting up some speaking dates for after we return in August and September. Please contact us at fearlesswarriorsforhaiti@gmail.com. We are looking for monthly sponsors and partners to continue this work with these wondferful families.
Don't forget to check my or Jeremy's FB page for pics, until we can download a little faster.

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  1. just figured out you had a blog...duh, me. will be following your journey and praying along the way...