Our purpose is to work with the Haitian people to discover areas of need within their community, and together with them, work to facilitate hands-on solutions, through education and needed supplies, to put into place long term answers with a Christ-centered focus. We do not desire to be a rescue organization, but instead to exchange information with the beautiful people of Haiti, learning their culture, language and customs and provide any education they need to allow them to build up their own strong communities.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

As is...but putting it all in God's hands

Ok, so, I have struggled in the past few months what to write here. I didn't really know why. I love words. Have a passion for the work we are doing in Haiti! I believe that the technolgy that is involved in making Blogs available is wonderful as it unites us in a shared cause or purpose, allows us to quickly share info that would have taken months to communicate in the past, and brings us together even though we may be countries apart.

I have great stories to share. Stories that I have the distinct privilege of being a part of, and am excited to share. So what is the problem? Why the writer's block?

Then I read this great Blog from Tara Livesay. A woman I met in Haiti in on a trip in November of '09. She and her family have served in Haiti for many years and they have been an inspiration to us in many ways, including the fact that they are successfully and loving raising their family, including young children, in Haiti.

Livesay [Haiti] Weblog: Success (?): "In this work we often find ourselves wanting and needing to provide progress reports to the kind and generous souls praying for or financial..."

When I read this recent Blog, it seemed to put into words what I was not able to. I feel a pressure, possibly self imposed, to 'quantify progress' or 'label' our success. And to do that by human stadards seems very hard, when doing this sort of work. Reading her Blog helped me to remember something that I was temporarily forgetting--

"Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people. Remember that the Lord will give you an inheritance as your reward, and that the Master you are serving is Christ."

Colossians 3:23-24

God has used this chapter of Colosssians to teach me so much over the past 2 years. Once again a truth that I needed was right before me.

This Fearless Warriors for Haiti Blog is a communication of our life and work in Haiti.
It is just that. I forgot that. I do not need to impress anyone, or find the perfect story. I just am reporting the great work God has allowed us to be a part of. Of course, I would love people to join us and want to support it, but

I am just following his lead. To listen for His voice, to try to be discerning of His message and "to just be faithful." That is enough.

I have a little pin as my house that I picked up years ago at an art show. It is very simple...a small black piece of paper with 2 little white words on it

as is...

It is one of my favorite possesions. Everytime I see it I remember, that is what we are...as is...just the way God made us. He expects us to impress no one. Not even Him. He just expects us to use the gifts and talents he gave us and the situations He puts before us to bring him glory.

The other part of this pin that I love is the '...' it leaves room for additional info, improvement. God accepts us just the way we are, and loves us enough not to leave us that way.

So there it is, writer's block broken. This is our story. As is... (with God's help, hopefully we are improving every day.)

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  1. Hi Tamara. Inspiring post. Blogland is an odd place... Some use it for business, some for being creative, some for staying in contact... some for a ministry. Just like in real life relationships, it can be one thing on the surface but God uses it for His purpose. You are so beautifully open to Him, He's going to use this blog in a beautiful way - as is.

    We are praying with you for health for the kids and yourself and that you will be home all together in August. "Home"... is that here or there? *smiles* Wherever Christ is.

    Sending ((hugs)) Blessings... Polly Hood